Our Package of $990 includes:

  • Basic Services of Funeral Director and Staff- $265
    • Licensed Funeral Director and staff to respond to initial request for services.
    • Arrangement conference with family or responsible party to determine desired services, this includes meeting family at our funeral home to receive Ashes.
    • Securing and recording vital statistics for death certificates and necessary authorizations and permits.
    • Coordination with those providing other portions of the funeral (cemetery, crematory).
    • Overhead expenses relative to our facility such as insurance, maintenance, taxes and utility expenses, secretarial and administrative costs, and equipment and inventory expenses.
  • Transfer of Remains to Funeral Home- $125
    • This includes removal of remains from a nursing home, hospital or medical examiner's office. (There is a $200 fee added for a home removal)
  • Transfer of remains to the crematory- $125
    • A Licensed Funeral Director will transfer the remains from the funeral home to the crematory.
  • Cremation Permits- $10
    • The necessary permits for cremation: Cremation Permit-$5 and Burial Permit-$5. These permits are to be obtained at the Vital Statistics Office at the City/Town Hall in the city/town of death.
      NOTE: If Death Certificates are required, they will cost an additional $20 each- this is the price for a certified copy of a Death Certificate throughout the state of Connecticut.
  • Crematory Fee - $315
    • This Fee includes the complete cremation of the human remains.
  • Medical Examiner Fee- $150
    • This charge is mandated by the State of Connecticut, in order to obtain the Cremation Certificate from the Medical Examiner's Office.
  • Rigid Plastic Container for Ashes- N/C
    • To help lower our prices, we have included a rigid plastic urn that is suitable for burial, completely free of charge.

Additional Options AvailableNOTE: The items listed below are NOT included in our Direct Cremation Package of $990

  • Mailing Of Ashes
    • Postage to mail ashes within the state of Connecticut - $75
    • Postage to mail ashes outside of the state of Connecticut, but within the United States - $125
    • We mail ashes via the Untied States Postal Service- Priority Mail Express.
  • 15 Minute Private Viewing For Identification (Without Embalming)- $500
    • Find the closure you need with a private viewing of your loved one. The value of a viewing is that it can help create closure for those who want to see their loved one for the last time, helping them come to terms with their loss. This is even more important when the death was sudden and unexpected. NOTE: The State of Connecticut does not require embalming for family viewing. However, it is our funeral home policy that if your loved one was autopsied, we must perform a minimum of sanitary care ($150), we also offer a full embalming with sanitary care and dressing to provide your family with final closure for ($650).
  • Out of State Massachusetts Fee - $500
    • This fee is added to the $990.00 to cover the Funeral Home expenses which are incurred for handling Services where the decedent is located in Massachusetts at time of passing.
  • Title 19 Filing and Administrative Fee - $200
    • This fee pays for a notary to notarize the proper documentation and the funeral home to file the paperwork with the State of Connecticut Department of Social Services.
  • Use of Refrigeration for Extended Storage Before Cremation - $200
    • After 5 days at our facility and $10 per day after the 5th day. NOTE: This fee is only applicable if the family has not provided the proper signed paperwork within this time frame.
  • Urns.
  • Keepsake Jewelry.
    • Please ask about available options. 855-347-2736
  • Acknowledgement Cards (per box of 25)- $15
    • These cards are meant to acknowledge and thank people that have reached out to you and your family during your time of loss.
  • Register/ Attendance Book- $50
    • This book is meant to memorialize the life of your loved one and help keep those cherished memories close to you.
  • Memorial Prayer Cards (per 100 cards)- $95
    • Memorial cards are a lasting tribute to a departed loved one. You may select an image (from our selection) for the front of the prayer card and a prayer or poem of your choice for the back of the prayer card.
  • Temporary Grave Maker - $20
    • This metal marker is to be placed in the ground where your loved one is buried. The marker will have their full name, their date of birth, and their date of death.

Services Offered at No Additional Charge

  • Social Security Notification.
  • Veteran's Benefits: Burial Flag.
  • Removal of pacemaker or defibrillator.

Warranties: Our Funeral Home makes no presentations or warranties about the protective value of certain urns other than those made by the manufacturers thereof. No other warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to, warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are extended by the seller.