How does Affordable Cremation work?

Affordable Cremation should be notified immediately at the time of death. We will provide transportation from the place of death, and arrange shelter for the remains temporarily at our facility until the death certificate can be signed by the attending physician and/or medical examiner. The body is viewed by Medical Examiner at our facility. The cremation permit is then secured and the remains are cremated.

Do the remains have to be embalmed?

No. Embalming is not necessary in Connecticut.

What happens to the cremated remains after cremation?

Your cremated remains will be handled according to your written instructions, or returned to your survivors to do as they wish. The cremated remains are returned in a simple temporary container, but if you wish, a memorial urn may be purchased.

At the time of death, what is the cost for the complete cremation service?

The cost of the complete cremation service, within the state of Connecticut, is presently $975.

May I pre-pay the cremation cost of $975?

Yes. And you receive a life time guarantee that this is all you will ever pay. One hundred percent of the funds are placed in a separate trust account in a federally insured bank. The account is between Affordable Cremation and you.

Are Social Security and State Assistance benefits available if I am cremated?

Yes, if you are eligible. There is a possibility of $225 from Social Security that is payable directly to a surviving spouse, also if the deceased was on Title 19 at the time of death they may be eligible for welfare assistance which may cover the cost of cremation provided that they have no other assets in their name.